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Are you being noticed?

Do these sound familiar?
  • You’re a job seeker not getting those job interviews that you’re ideal for
  • You’re a business owner that is not seeing the website conversions or customer retention you would expect
  • You’re a manager with a strong, reliable team. But it’s hard to demonstrate this to the outside world
  • You’re using LinkedIn to build a social business network, but it just ain’t happenin’?
  • You’re an actor, model or entertainer who’s failing to get called to casting
Have you ever asked "Why is this only happening to me?"

Good news: It isn’t you!

It really isn't. The plain truth is this:
  • You ARE good enough to win that role
  • Your products and services ARE good enough to win customers
  • Your team CAN be shown as strong and effective
  • Your social media profile CAN be made more effective
It's a sad but true fact: the best people don't always get the best roles and the companies with the best products don't always get more sales that companies with inferior products. Why?
You know the answer if you have ever looked at a website and made a purchase. Why did you buy that screwdriver from THAT site? Why did you hire THAT gardener?
The answer is simple: they presented themselves more effectively. They stood out from the crowd so you trusted them.
The good news is you can too!

Your Headshot is you

It's a cliché but a recent study has shown that people really do judge a book by its cover.
People who judge a person as likeable and trustworthy or the opposite, disagreeable and closed from their headshot, go on to maintain this opinion when they meet face-to-face…even 1 month later when they can’t even remember the photograph!"Impressions based on a portrait predict, 1-Month later, impressions following a live interaction" by Gul Gunaydin, Emre Selcuk and Vivian Zayas
This means you need, not just a headshot, but a good quality headshot, one that will convey likeability and confidence. The first impression of you will be remembered. So your headshot is your personal brand and it will be working hard for you even when you're asleep. Viewers of it will be starting to establish a trust with you, even though you are not even in the room. It really IS you.
It's all about teamwork
Let's work together to build your personal brand
Or use the online chat facility on this page to ask me anything you like!

Everyone needs Headshots

In the modern world of images, people look before they read. Everyone needs to project a strong image.

These are just a few of the industries where you will find my customers. They come from all walks of life.

  • Small business owners
  • Authors
  • Software developers
  • Hairdressers
  • Health Inspectors
  • Farmers
  • Personal trainers
  • Engineers
  • Photographers (!)
  • Social Workers
  • Chefs
  • Entertainers
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Here’s what My Headshots Will Do For You

  • Market Yourself

    Look your best in your chosen career or field

  • Personal Branding

    Control how others see you

  • Self-empowerment

    Feel good about the way others see you

  • Stand out from the crowd

    Most people have no picture or just a poor selfie

  • First Impressions Count

    First impressions are the only impressions

  • Get that Job

    Your headshot is your visual C.V.

  • Build Client Trust

    Gain the trust of your clients and customers

  • Position Yourself as Expert in Your field

    Look confident and authorative

Confidence And Approachability In Your Headshot

Your prospective employers or your potential clients are looking for people who know what they are doing, those who are confident to take on the challenges put before them. They are also looking for people to be friendly, helpful and approachable. Teams rely on these factors to function efficiently and businesses rely on them to build trust with their customers and clients. I can be bring these traits out in YOUR headshot image just like the text does on your resumé or CV.


This comes mostly from the eyes. The rabbit in the headlights look is all too common in poor headshots and we certainly don’t want that. I will help you make small and easy adjustments to your stance and eyes, using proven techniques so that you exude confidence and assurity.


In combination with the eyes, this comes from the mouth. A hint of a smile can go a long way. We have no need of any “3-2-1 say Cheese” type smiles here – we humans have the innate ability to detect a fake smile so we’re aiming for that natural look that says “I’m the genuine article. You can trust in me”.


We are all the victims of unconscious bias. We instantly and unconsciously make judgements about the people we see and they about us. It’s a natural phenomenon that has evolved to serve as a defense mechanism. You can turn this to your advantage by making the best possible impression.

Let's work together to build your personal brand - call me, send me a message or book online

Do you hate having your photograph taken?

headshot of gary barlow

In the words of Gary Barlow, are you Smiling But Dying Inside whenever you're threatened with having your picture taken?

You're in good company because this is very common. People feel uptight when looking down the lens for all manner of reasons. Maybe there's is some aspect of themselves they are not happy with or that they simply feel self-conscious, uncomfortable and don't know what to do.
This is where I can genuinely help. As one of the best headshot photographers in the region, I'm there to do more than just press the button on the camera. I'm there to take care of you.
For each and every client, this is our plan of action. Almost everyone gets quite nervous about being photographed, but see below how this diminishes as we work together.
1. Book Your Shoot
2. You follow my instructions through the shoot
3. We review the images as we go, to see how we're doing
4. We feed that back and shoot some more! (and repeat 3 and 4)
5. When finished, we weed out the duffers (blinks, duplicates, etc.)
6. I upload the rest to your private online gallery
7. You choose your final images (see packages) and I will get them retouched
So although many clients may start off nervous, all of them end up interested in what's going on and having fun! And why not, it's a lot less painful than you might imagine!

What My Clients Say

headshot of girl
“I was very nervous at the start and was worried that I wouldn’t know what to do. But Stephen was great, he guided me every step of the way and in the end it was great fun and I got some amazing pictures for my LinkedIn profile and work website”Rachel W, Midlands
headshot of customer
“Up to now, I’ve always just used selfies for my profile pictures. I thought it made no difference and that I could take every bit as good a shot with my phone. But the photos I got from you were stunning and blew me away! Thank you so much!”Naomi K, Cheshire
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Basic For those on a budget


  • 1 hour
  • 1 look
  • 1 image included
  • no lifetime discount
  • no pro studio

Standard Most Popular!


  • 2 hours
  • 2-3 looks
  • 2 images included
  • 25% lifetime discount
  • no pro studio

Gold Best Results and Best Value


  • 3+ hours
  • many looks
  • 5 images included
  • 50% lifetime discount
  • pro studio available



The prices above are for individual, one-on-one photo sessions.

If you represent an organisation or business that requires team shots, then prices will depend on how many people need to be included in your party and how much time will be made available to shoot everyone.

My general pricing model for this is a call out/set-up fee plus a fixed price per head. Give me a call to discuss the details.

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Skyhawk Pictures
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About Me

As well as being a headshot photographer, I also dabble in the world of product photography and film making. My Instagram feed is full of my hobby images which are actually not headshots but lanscapes, wildlife and architecture. Feel free to click on the Instagram link on this page to go take a look. I'm also a husband and dad to two girls and have lived here on the beautiful peninsula of Wirral for twenty years.

I love to meet new people and I feel lucky to be doing what I love - photographing them! I'm genuinely interested in people's stories and I feel privileged to be part of helping them reach their goals. I hope we too can get together and take your personal image to the next level.


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