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What is Your Career Worth?

These days a headshot is the first thing that an prospective employer or casting director sees of applicants…and often it will be the ONLY thing they see! Why? Because, though many people want the great jobs, and actors want the cool parts, they insist on low-grade images of themselves, shots taken by friends or relatives, or even selfies.

At Skyhawk Pictures, you will get a professional service that concentrates on making you look your absolute best – strong, capable, engaged, confident and approachable. Generally you will have dozens of shots to choose from but if you chose just two pictures, your cost would be a total of £90. Given that your headshot will last you at least 2 years (probably longer) that averages out at just £3.75 per month!

So ask yourself: will I invest just £3.75 a month to get myself noticed, and get ahead in my career?

The One Package to rule them all

  • Book the shoot

    My shoots are a standard fixed price of £90.00 which includes 2 final images
    50% deposit is required to secure a booking
    The shoots last approximately an hour, but I’m not clock-watching unless you are
    All your shoot images are uploaded to a private gallery

  • Choose your images

    Use the buy feature of your gallery to select the images you want (see pricing below for extras)
    Every image* will be cleaned up / retouched ( What is this? )

  • Download your finished images

    You will receive :-
       – the full-size retouched images
       – smaller square crops for use with social media
       – any other crops you require (specify at the checkout)

  • Discount as Standard

    People change their appearance over time and headshots will only be relevant for 2-3 years. They need to be kept up to date. That is why, if my customers rebook with me within 2 years of their original shoot date, their next session will be half price at just £45…the cost of your career investment just dropped to a ridiculous £1.88 per month! And what’s more, that discount remains forever so long as you rebook within 2 years each time. Oh and just so you don’t have to think about it, we’ll send you a reminder nearer the time so you don’t miss out.

* The “All Image Buy-Out” selection will not have any retouching applied to the images.

Extra Image Bundles

The price of your shoot includes 2 images at no extra cost. These will be retouched (see info above). If you require extra images, the prices are shown below.

Less than 5 Images


per image (incl, retouching)

5+ images


per image (incl, retouching)

10+ Images


per image (incl, retouching)

All Image "Buy-out"


For all images (no retouching)

Group Bookings

If you are representing a corporate or small business and are looking for group a headshot session for your team, I will prepare a custom quotation for you. There are significant discounts on the above prices. Just book my consultation using the button below so that we can discuss the details.

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