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Headshots for Actors

Of course you do, and we want that too

That's why we'll work with you to craft the look that promotes your abilities, will be engaging, will stand-out and allow you to be cast appropriately

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For your safety we are operating a COVID policy as laid out below:-

Headshots and Personal Branding

  • We are currently operating as normal. Lateral flow testing is undertaken multiple times a week as standard and immediately before sessions.

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Last updated: January 2022

Getting Your Casting Image Right

Whether you are a seasoned pro or just starting your career as an actor, it's no exaggeration to say that your headshot is absolutely paramount. Unless you are already personally known to production, your headshot is the primary means by which casting agencies will take you on and how casting directors will select you for audition. It's important to get it right - it must look like you and it must be good quality. At Skyhawk Pictures, we're proud to provide high quality actor headshot photography services to our clients.

So what will casting see when they see your current headshot? Will they see someone who enjoys the sun (a holiday snap)? Or someone who likes a drink with the lads or girls (a selfie)? Maybe someone who once had hair? (a 10yr old headshot that will come back to bite you at the audition or interview)? More importantly, what conclusion will the viewer draw from your picture?

But don't take our word for it. Here's a Spotlight video on what casting directors have to say on the subject.

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Spotlight Video: Everything You Need to Know About Headshots


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North West England

An awesome experience. Stephen was recommended to me by a friend and I now recommend him to you! He is very friendly, professional and helped me get some excellent shots. I'm so pleased.
Cleo L, Wirral on Google

A Range of Different Looks

There's no-one quite like you

Let's face it, there's no way you can second guess what a casting director will be looking for. Sometimes you simply will not be the right person for the role. This is fine and perfectly normal. Rather than get frustrated, you should accept this and start to build your brand. Play to your strengths. Your unique selling point is you! No one else can do "you" quite like you can. So have a good idea of where you want to fit in to the acting landscape and set out your personal acting brand accordingly so that casting directors can see it. Headshot photographers are professional photographers who know all the best tips and tricks to capturing a headshot that's unique and showcases the actor.

At a Skyhawk Pictures photo shoot, you will get a range of professional headshots that represent you authentically and that represent that brand.

  • they will all look like you
  • they will all be perfectly proportioned acting headshots
  • they wont be overly flouncy, fussy or unfathomable

Casting directors will be able to see what you're about and cast you appropriately. The number of shots you take away with you is entirely up to you and your budget.

So, before your shoot with me, we'll get together either in person over a coffee or by phone to go over what we want to get done and we'll formulate a shoot plan. Whether you want to simply refresh your existing headshots or you need new actor headshots, we'll plan it out so that we can hit the ground running on the day and start to build your brand.

By way of example, all the shots below were from the same shoot with Ian.  We changed the lighting, the looks, the wardrobe, the background... and in this case, even the beard! But this is just a small fraction of the shots taken on the day but they all represent Ian's brand. Check out my headshot gallery to see more fantastic examples.


actor headshotactor headshot
actor headshotactor headshot

It's a Collaboration

Neither of us can do this on our own

Our Job

Superficially, our job is to bring the cameras and the lights and all that paraphernalia and degree of photographic skill and experience.

But we have a more important role than that. Lots of actors, including the big names, do not like getting their headshots done. They feel it's a necessary evil. They are used to moving around, playing the part and feel at ease doing that. But sitting there, still, unmoving, they feel self-conscious and awkward.

That's where we come in. The right headshot photographer will tell you everything you need to know to get not only good headshots, but ones that showcase you and your brand. We will coach you through the whole process. You don't need to have any prior experience or knowledge - we'll take care of you. We'll chat, take breaks, look at how we're doing in real time on the computer and adjust what we need to do as we go, whether it's studio lighting or poses. In the end, your experience with Skyhawk Pictures will be rewarding, informative and fun!

Your Job

Make no mistake, no matter what, we will do a great job for you. That's guaranteed. However, you will get more out of our session if you bring something to the party.

If you haven't already, start thinking about your brand. How do you want to be portrayed, what do you want people to see when they see your headshots (and any and all other images)? Everything you do should have a nod toward that brand.

It's your shoot so feel free to throw in a few moves of your own. You may not feel like this at the start, but you certainly will once you've settled in! Also be open-minded to suggestions and be prepared to work with us to get you the best shots.

Finally, be prepared to have a bit of fun with it!

About The Shoot

From start to finish, this is what we'll do


  • We have a quick chat about you and your goals and I can answer your questions. We'll also arrange the shoot date
  • Sign a contract and pay a booking deposit
  • We'll make a shoot plan and discuss any hair and wardrobe preferences.

Act 1

  • Turn up at the shoot, I'll get set up and we can have a cuppa.
  • We'll review our shoot plan and see if we want to make any changes.
  • We'll start off with some test shots to get the ball rolling, adjust the lighting and generally ease ourselves into it.

Act 2

  • I'll coach you through everything you need to do, giving you feedback on everything as we go.
  • We'll periodically stop and review the images we have so far on the computer. This is a real eye-opener for many clients - they can't believe how good they look right out of the gate!
  • We'll continue the shoot/review cycle until we've perfected what we're aiming for.
  • We may change the wardrobe at this point or we may change the lighting, depending on our shoot plan. 
  • Repeat Act 2 with the new look (and for all subsequent looks)

Act 3

  • We'll review the whole shoot and discard the goofs (blinks etc.) and we'll earmark the ones we really like 
  • After the shoot, I upload all photos (there could be hundreds) to your own private gallery that you can share with your agent if you have one. This watermarked gallery is to help you make your final selections.


  • You use your online gallery to choose your favourite image or images
  • You pay the balance of your account
  • I will retouch your chosen images and deliver them back to your gallery, free from watermarks and ready to upload to your preferred agency site.
The shoot was easy and fun. Tips on how to hold one's head and posture led to surprisingly instant professional shots which we could review as we went along.
Rich A, Liverpool on Google


Your headshot is an investment in your talents

Remember the aim of your headshot is to get you into that audition. The rest is up to you and your talent. Believe in yourself and your headshot will pay for itself with the first role you get.

Our pricing puts you in control of your budget. The shoot can be as long or short as you like, and the number of images you take away is entirely up to you. The pricing is easy: -

£220.00 shoot fee for the first hour
( £60 for each hour after that)
£30.00 for the first image you choose
( £15 for each image after that)

This includes: -

  • Your one-on-one, five-star photo session at your location (e.g. your home or office) or in studio if you prefer
  • Shoot preparation sent beforehand giving you advice on wardrobe, hair, make-up etc.
  • One-on-one post-session advice on shot selection
  • Your own online, mobile-friendly, private gallery to review and select your images that can be shared with your agent or family
  • All selected images are professionally and expertly retouched to take them to the next level, but all will look like the real you so that casting are not shocked by who walks through the door!
  • A huge 20% shoot discount on all shoot fees within 2 years. This is a great bonus for everyone but is especially useful to actors and those who like to (or need to) change their appearance often but also need to keep their headshot up-to-date. Every time you reshoot with us, the clock is reset and the discount continues for 2 years from that point. The more you come back, the more money you save!

A Word From Me

Hi, I'm Stephen, owner-operator of Skyhawk Pictures.

I am passionate about my photography and I don't believe you'll find a better headshot photographer in the market. I'm fully committed to ensuring you get the best, highest-quality headshot that will work hard for you in the way you need it to. A huge amount of my work is from referrals and repeat business and I want you to be satisfied so that you will tell your friends and colleagues about your experience and come back again.

stephen's signature
I had a fantastic time getting my headshots done with Skyhawk Pictures. Not only was Stephen a pleasure to work with, his vast experience and know-how meant I ended up with some fantastic pictures. Highly recommend.
Tom P, Liverpool on Google

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