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Beautiful aerial images and video are hard to beat and add that wow factor to your website or project.
Recognised by the CAA, we're fully qualified, certified and insured, and we're ready to work with you. Aerial work can form a project in its own right, or be added as an extra dimension to your existing ground-based photography and video projects.

Our COVID Policy at a Glance

For your safety we are operating a COVID policy as laid out below:-

Headshots and Personal Branding

  • We are currently operating as normal. Lateral flow testing is undertaken multiple times a week as standard and immediately before sessions.

Product Photography and CGI

  • Business as usual. Items can be sent to us or dropped off in the usual manner.
Last updated: January 2022

Drone photography & videography in Liverpool

Do you want to do things differently than everyone else? Do you want your sales and marketing materials to attract customers to purchase a product or service you offer? Drone video footage gives your video an extra exciting touch that makes your company stand out.

The most effective type of material is video. Have you considered employing drones to further engage your audience? Drone shooting creates breath-taking aerial views that do justice to your work - all in gorgeous 4K high resolution.

Why Aerial Photography & Videography?

Are you ready to tap into the latest video trend? Why should your company employ aerial photography and videography instead of traditional photography to build effective marketing campaigns? The perspective from above will always set you apart from your competitors, regardless of what industry you are in, from construction and real estate to hospitality, tourism, or agriculture.

Aerial photography and videography can generate unique content that can help your marketing campaigns succeed. Aerial photography and videography are becoming increasingly popular among today's small to medium and enterprise-level business owners, as they provide a far higher return on investment than most other marketing material options.

Drones are being employed for a variety of tasks, including logistical operations and property sales, as well as event footage and retail promotion. Aerial photography and videography are being lauded as one of the most inventive and beneficial marketing tools of the last decade, and if you aren't using them for your company's marketing purposes, you may be missing out on a valuable opportunity to reach more customers and increase sales.

Why Do I Need a Professional Headshot At All?

What your selfie says to other people

The Phone Selfie

Your Pro Headshot

Why Your Customers Will Love Aerial Photography & Drone Videos

Using a drone, we can shoot and capture video of anything desired; you can show your products being made or a day in the life of someone on your team. You can show off your office or factory so that your workplace is brought to life in a way traditional photography can’t do. If a picture tells a thousand words, think of how much an aerial drone video can tell your audience.  This can help give potential customers a whole new perspective of your company.
Drone video from Skyhawk Pictures will take viewers on a stunning journey through all your key spaces, whether you want to display stunning architecture, picturesque scenery, or first-class facilities. To provide you with a market-leading video showcase, our drone videography will capture a variety of distinct angles, which will then be edited together, and set to an engaging soundtrack.
This content will assist readers in visualising your business' brand and achievements. Professional aerial videos on your website and social media pages keep your brand looking new, modern, and trustworthy, allowing you to stand out from the crowd and increase sales.

Let Us Help Tell Your Story

As crucial as the wow factor is, a personal touch adds meaning to your marketing videos. Aerial footage captured by drone filming is an excellent approach to showcase your company's story and show how it has grown from the ground up. Storytelling is essential in marketing to humanise your brand so that customers, stakeholders, and the community around your brand feel a connection to it and trust it.

Drone videography offers immersive content that highlights the scope of your project. It's a fantastic way to take your customers on a journey while also showcasing your company's experience and abilities.


Take Your Content Sky-High

Skyhawk can generate immersive media to enhance and transform your marketing, whether it's aerial photography showing a range of viewpoints or videography that can be used to create extremely comprehensive virtual tours.

Drone photography and video can transport the viewer to the site, providing both an up-close, highly detailed experience as well as broad views highlighting the scope and depth of the land, whether the goal is to attract new members to a country club, draw visitors to a resort, or bring investors to a commercial property.


Perfect For The Big Picture

Aerial drone filming is tailor-made for capturing large structures like warehouses and construction sites. They can even access regions that would be dangerous for humans to access, making them the ideal tool.

However, drones have also shown to be fantastic for shooting intricate details; they can shoot at angles that a photographer with a standard camera can't, such as inside a pipe or an air vent.

Using Drone Photography in Your Marketing

Aerial photography and videography are breathing new life into marketing campaigns. Drone videography is being used in everything; from huge campaigns by global corporations to promotional videos by small businesses.

With professional-grade quadcopters, octocopters (and more) capable of safely carrying high-resolution cameras, there's scarcely a video ad campaign that doesn't include a magnificent panorama.

Being Cost And Time Effective

Aerial video production no longer demands the time-consuming and costly process of hiring a helicopter and pilot. Since the introduction of drones, amazing aerial shots that used to cost thousands of pounds are now possible for a fraction of the price and a fraction of the time, using equipment that can simply fit in a backpack. Not to mention you won't be causing any disruption to the area you're filming because you're not flying a large aircraft around.

Aerial Photography & Videography for Social Media

Because it allows business owners to connect and engage with their customer base, social media is a crucial element of any business. When it comes to social media marketing, photo and video content are extremely important. Grainy, indistinct images, stock images, or artist interpretations will garner less attention than high-quality, high-definition aerial photos that provide an exact image of your outdoor space.

Industries We Work With

There is a wide range of industries that can benefit from using aerial photography and videography. We aim to always work professionally and collaboratively with them to ensure that we achieve the client’s specification to a high quality, on time and safely.

Skyhawk Pictures offers a wide range of aerial photography and videography services to a variety of businesses, extending our image capture capabilities far beyond marketing and media. Drone video coupled with regular ground-based photography and video produces even better results, and this is a service that we can provide. Put your company ahead of the competition by demonstrating how it operates via drone photography.

  • Real Estate and Property Management

    Drone photography for real estate agents and property management companies is becoming a popular tool for those looking to boost their property marketing. High-resolution photographs that showcase the surroundings, emphasise amenities, and position the property to its best advantage will help you sell or rent a home or property faster.
  • Construction

    Our drone pilots can capture those impressive aerial images that show the progress of the project like no other type of photography can. Those large-scale sites look amazing when shown through the beginning, middle and to completion giving your customers that before and after view.

  • Hotel and Hospitality

    Attract more guests to a hotel, resort, or vacation spot with stunning aerial photographs and videos that highlight the location's natural beauty and promote facilities, instantly attracting viewers.
  • Any Business Can Benefit

    All businesses, large and small, need to look good on the web and in print. Great visuals are essential and aerial drone photography, based in Liverpool, Wirral and Merseyside can help you achieve that.

Add Creative Impact with Aerial Video & Photography

Our team can assist you with anything from a high-impact establishing shot of a place to footage of work being done in an outdoor area to a high-resolution overhead image of your sites or constructions.

We're qualified and insured pilots, but we're also skilled creative filmmakers and photographers, which helps. The aerial images that we take give a project a lot of visual punch. Even if it flies, a camera is still a camera.

Why You Should Choose Skyhawk Pictures for Your Headshots

What We Offer
  • Aerial Filming and Photography

    Simply put, the greatest and most cost-effective high-definition aerial video and photography services in the North West, Wirral and Liverpool. Our multi-rotor drones can fly up to 400 feet, offering you a unique perspective of the world below. Nothing beats aerial photos and video for giving your customers a sense of scale and perspective.

  • Cinema Quality

    Your campaigns deserve cutting-edge quality and, with our equipment, we can provide that for you. We take stunning video seriously, and we want to help you captivate and engage your audience.
  • Drone Video Editing for Marketing

    Do you need expert photo and video editing or production? For your online campaigns, we can generate informative and engaging videos that may be adjusted for any format, from standard posts to vertical stories. We can either offer a professional finish to your production or simply provide you with unedited material to use as you see fit.
  • 2D Animation for Drone Videos

    We'll employ 2D motion graphics to enhance your videos, from social-ready text overlays to animated parts designed after your brand's visual identity.

  • Safety First! - We're Fully Qualified and Insured

    We're recognised by the UK Civil Aviation Authority and certified under their General Visual Line of Sight Certificate (GVC). We're carry public liability insurance up to £1m for your peace-of-mind.

Let's Work Together

Ready for take-off? It all starts with getting in touch with our team.

We are a photography and video studio that is always pushing the limits of what this incredible technology can do for our clients. Allow us to demonstrate what we can achieve for you.

Do you need drone footage for marketing purposes? Skyhawk Pictures has numerous samples of professional aerial video footage in 4K high definition. You can count on us to present your project in a way that highlights your company's selling points.

Get in touch today to discuss how we can help you with drone filming and photography.

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