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Why Would You Use CGI Instead of a Camera?

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What is CGI? In very simple terms, CGI (or computer generated imagery) allows us to model a real world object or scene using computer tools, light that object or scene (as one would in the real world) and then render out that object or scene as an image or sequence of images. The computer software uses the physical properties assigned …

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Reading Faces of Emotion

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Guest Writer: Adrianne Carter, The Face WhispererToday we are honoured to welcome guest writer, the immensely talented Adrianne Carter, The Face Whisperer.Adrianne is the UK’s foremost expert in the field of facial coding, which is the process of measuring human emotions through facial expressions. This can be applied to better understand people’s reactions to visual stimuli. This of course of …

Your Unconscious Headshot Brain

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Does your LinkedIn headshot, or any public image of you in general, actually matter all that much? Do you (or does anyone else) really judge a book by its cover…I mean really? In this enlightened, twenty-first century age we’re more informed, right? We know about unconscious bias so we can actively try to combat it. We know that we mustn’t …