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Computer Generated 3D Imagery

What is CGI and 3D Modelling?

Using the latest technologies to save you money
Computer Generated Images (CGI) is a term often associated with Hollywood and the movie business. But these technologies are within the reach of your business these days.
Here's how it works: we start by using computer software to build a 3D model of your product,  This can be based on a real product or just conceptual drawings. Then we add realistic materials and textures to it such as glass, paint, metal, fabric, etc. Finally we place the item in a scene, light it, add cameras (all in the software) and from this we can produce realistic images.
Are they realistic? Well the next time you're leafing through the IKEA catalogue remember that 80%+ of the images you see are entirely CGI. Many of the big brands like this are turning to CGI because of the flexibility and cost savings it brings.

How CGI Can Help You

Maximise the ROI on your product photography
Assortment of CGI Images

No Need To Ship Your Products To Us

It may be obvious but, with traditional photography, we'll need the items in our possession for to us to be able to photograph them.

With CGI, however, that may not be necessary. When we construct a 3D model, we can work from images, drawings and specifications to make the object accurate in dimension and texture.

This applies to anything but is particularly useful for businesses who are reluctant to ship high-value items (e.g. jewellery and watches), large or unwieldy items (e.g. machinery or kitchens), items that need to be constructed or affixed (e.g. door handles need to be attached to a door) or even items that don't even exist in for real yet (e.g. a new product that is still on the drawing board).

The Limitless Photoshoot

One of the big headaches with a traditional photoshoot is that you need to come up with a brief.

That, in itself, is not a headache but what you are doing is directing the photographer to give you what you want right now. What about what you want next week, next month, next year?

Once we have a 3D model of your product, you are a phone call away from a new image or set of images at any time.

The cost of setting up new, repeat photoshoots of your products every time your campaign changes can be significant. It leads many to reuse old images. What if you could generate new, fresh images on the fly? That's what CGI gives you.

We also offer a range of other services, including corporate and actor headshots! For more information, get in touch with our team today! 


Pre-visualisation in the Design Workflow

Your product looks amazing in matte black. What would it look like in gloss black... in chrome... in race-car red?

You have a white-label product and you are preparing a proposal for a high-profile client. Wouldn't it be amazing to show them in that proposal what the product will look like for real, emblazoned with their own branding?

If we have a model of your product, we can reconfigure that model easily and quickly for your needs, to product new, realistic images that save you money on the fabrication of prototypes and impress your clients and leads.

To learn more about the CGI process and if it could be useful to you, check out our blog post here

Keep Your Website Visitors Engaged

More and more people are turning to online sites for shopping rather than hitting the high-street. In a world where your competitor's products are of equal quality it will be customer service that will be the key differentiator for companies.

Customers are seeking to bridge the gap between the convenience of online shopping and the experience of physical, real-world shopping. Technology is helping to bridge that gap with more immersive experiences using 3D and artificial reality. Using these technologies can increase your web page visitors' dwell times by up to 50% which will, in turn, increase your conversions. These interactive images are also great for mimicking natural light and studio lighting without the inconvenience of setting up and moving locations to get high quality images.

At Skyhawk Pictures we specialise in producing these 3D interactive images. Try it for yourself. Take a look around this Bluetooth speaker! Just click on the 3D logo to start and the instructions will appear on the image.

But even if you want the more usual, static high quality product photography, we will of course provide you with stunning images that will boost customer trust and desire in your business. To learn more, contact us today!

Some Reasons to Choose Skyhawk Pictures

No.1 for Customer SatisfactionAbove all else, great customer service and best-in-class image quality are the fundamentals that drive Skyhawk Pictures.
Return on InvestmentThe quality of a imagery on your website will contribute directly to your customer's experience, and that is what will drive your sales. Professional images will pay for themselves 10 time over.
Professional SkillTake a look at our work and you will be assured that you are getting a world-class images crafted with skill and care.
Flexibility & VersatilityWe are here to solve your problems and we will adapt to your business to ensure that the images you get are on brand and work for you.
Attention to DetailWe believe that it is attention to detail that turns the average into the good and the good into the great. Our attention to detail borders on the obsessive!

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