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There's no one-size-fits-all when it comes to photography. We price your job according to your budget and needs.
You can be assured that so long as the requirements don't change, neither will the price.

Commercial Photography Pricing

The factors that mean there isn't one simple price

Commercial photography is a very broad umbrella and the work and time involved can be very varied. Even when we start to talk just about product photography, for example, or e-commerce or video, each job has to be sized according to individual requirements. That means that we can't present  you with a simple price list here on this page.

Imagine calling up an estate agent and asking "how much are your houses please?" The answer will be, it depends. But we can give you some pointers, so here are the factors that affect our pricing.

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Your Unique Requirements Priced Uniquely

Based on one rate for everything

We will individually price your job. So whatever work you need to get done we will either give you an exact price or, if there are unknown variables at the time of quotation, a rough figure to enable you to set your scope and budget.

To make things as simple as possible, we charge the same rate for everything. That then just means we have to work out how much time that your job will take to complete. So it doesn't matter whether we need to shoot video, create advertising images, shoot e-commerce products, fly the drone or any other of the many services we provide. So long as we can work out how long it will take, we can work out the cost from the rate below.

Full Days

For larger jobs, where the job make go on for several days or more, we are likely to quote in a number of full days. Each day will not be less than 8 hours (and often more).

plus VAT per day

Half Days

For intermediate-sized jobs, anywhere between half a day and one and a half days, we will quote in half days. A half day is not less than 4 hours.
plus VAT per half day


For very small jobs that will take less than a day, we will give you a cost per hour.
plus VAT per hour

But How Many Days Will It Be?

How long is a piece of string?

The plain truth is, we can't tell you how long your particular requirement will take to complete without speaking to you about it first. But here are some examples to give you some idea of how long some previous commissions took.

Amazon e-commerce photo

Example: Amazon-Style E-Commerce Images

Method: Camera Photography

Complexity: 2 (easy)

Number of Items: 3

Setup, Lighting and Shooting: 2 hour

Number of shots taken: 25

Number of shots selected by the customer: 9

Post-production Editing: 2 hours

Total: 4 hrs (£325.00 plus VAT)

product photograph of chocolates

Example: Luxury Chocolates Advertising Image

Method: Camera Photography

Complexity: 3 (moderate)

Number of Items: 1

Setup, Lighting and Shooting: 2 hour

Number of shots taken: 10

Number of shots selected by the customer: 1

Post-production Editing: 1 hours

Total: 3 hrs (£270.00 plus VAT)

product photograph of a table lamp

Example: Exclusive Designer Desk Lamp

Method: Computer Generated Imagery

Complexity: 4 (moderately complex)

Number of Items: 1

Model Creation and Setup: 3 hours

Number of shots taken: n/a

Number of shots selected by the customer: 5

Post-production Editing: 1.5 hours

Total: 1 half day (£325.00)

House Front With Pillars

Example: Composite Door and Hardware Showcase

Method: Computer Generated Imagery

Complexity: 5 (complex)

Number of Items: 2 complete scenes

Model Creation and Setup: 2 days (1 day per scene)

Number of shots taken: n/a

Number of shots selected by the customer: several angles from each scene

Post-production Editing: 3 hours

Total: 1.5 days (£975.00)

Example: Wristwatch Promotional Video

Method: Computer Generated Imagery

Complexity: 6 (very complex)

Work Involved: 3D modelling, multiple watch variants, video production art design, stock footage and music, editing, rendering and mastering.

Total: 5 days (£3,250.00 plus VAT)

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