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Our COVID Policy at a Glance

For your safety we are operating a COVID policy as laid out below:-

Headshots and Personal Branding

  • We are currently operating as normal. Lateral flow testing is undertaken multiple times a week as standard and immediately before sessions.

Product Photography and CGI

  • Business as usual. Items can be sent to us or dropped off in the usual manner.
Last updated: January 2022

Getting Your Professional Headshots Right

Whether the headshot is for you yourself (e.g. job seeker, linkedin, entrepreneur, CEO) or whether it is for your corporate team, there is no doubt that it is absolutely paramount that you get good quality, professional headshots that work hard for you; and a great headshot WILL work hard for you, 24x7.  It will build trust, portray confidence and expertise, increase engagement and make the subject likeable.

At Skyhawk Pictures, well over half of our business is just doing personal and business brand headshots so you know you are in safe hands. In fact, we're SME News' Best Headshot Photography Service in their Northern Enterprise Awards.

We also offer a variety of other services, from actor headshots to product photography. To find out more, get in touch today!


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Why Do I Need a Professional Headshot At All?

What your selfie says to other people

The Phone Selfie

Your Pro Headshot

Why Do I Need a Professional Headshot At All?

Why you shouldn't just do a selfie
One word answer: marketing. Whether you are searching for a new job, an actor, and entrepreneur, an offline business with a great team, or online business generating income from LinkedIn, the fact is that people buy into people and so your headshot gets that marketing ball rolling ...fast! Here's how it works.

Your Introduction

Your headshot, if used properly, is the first contact people will have with you. It is your best weapon to attract new clients and present yourself to the world. It’s all about crafting a natural image that feels uniquely, authentically you. It’s your marketing tool which will showcase yourself in the best possible light and attract opportunities that will progress your career and build the relationships that will take your career or business to the next level.


Professional headshots do more than fill in that grey circular gap on your LinkedIn profile. They attract attention, increase your visibility and kick start immediate trust from people who you meet. If used consistently across all your online and offline channels, your professional image amplifies the presence you have everywhere and becomes part of your personal brand that people come to know and trust.

Your Reward

You will meet many people and be connected to many more that you have not yet met. Your headshot will be working for you 24x7 helping you build those trust relationships. The reward for this process is recognition. You work hard to offer something special so claim visibility for what you do. Recognition is all about spreading the message of who you are and what you do, and finding your audience to take you further.

Some Common Worries

  • I'm really rubbish (or I hate) having my picture taken

    Well, you're in good company. 60-70% of people feel just like you do. We never assume that you will arrive relaxed about your photo shoot. It's our job to put you at your ease. Everyone leaves us with great shots. Everyone.

  • I'm not attractive enough for professional photos

    Many people have a low self-image. People who you or I would say are gorgeous, themselves would say "oh no, I don't take a good picture". It's incredibly rare for us to come across someone who says "yeh, I'm fantastic looking". But here's the key piece of information and a home truth: it's vanity. Sorry, but there it is. It doesn't matter a jot that you don't look like Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie. You may see yourself as fat, thin, ugly or with a wart on the end of your nose. It doesn't matter. It's not a beauty contest were running here. Your headshot is about representing the authentic you. Something people can look at and believe is you. After all, if you're prepared to meet people in person, then doesn't it make sense that your would let people meet you in a picture that looks authentically like you? Hiding behind a grey blank circle definitely won't help your career or business. It's our job to make you look your absolute best - you on your best day. Our service is for everyone - and everyone leaves our headshot sessions with great images. We've never failed yet.

  • I won't know what to wear or what to do

    Easy. Broadly speaking, wear what you like. Have a selection of mixes and matches in mind that you would like to try out. There are some do's and don'ts but you'll receive all the nitty gritty information to help you make some choices before your shoot.
        In terms of what to do, how to stand, where to look during the shoot itself, never fear. We'll direct and coach you every step of the way.

  • Do you have a studio, how does it all work?

    We have chosen not to have a headshot studio. The main reason is that the majority of our work is mobile. We go to companies premises and individuals' homes to do shoots with our mobile set up. For individuals, this works best as they have easy access to their wardrobe and they don't have to pack lots of outfits to bring to a studio.
        We will arrive promptly at your house or premises and setup the camera and lights - we'll need a room or a small area to do this and it will take about 15 minutes to set up. There's more info on this in the next section.

I had a fantastic time getting my corporate headshots done with Skyhawk Pictures. Not only was Stephen a pleasure to work with, his vast experience and know-how meant I ended up with some fantastic pictures. Highly recommend.
Tom P, Liverpool on Google

We Provide Headshots for Individuals and Teams Alike

One-to-One Headshot Sessions With Individuals

Our one-to-one headshot photo sessions with individuals are usually one to two hours*. If, reading that, you think that feels like a long time for a headshot, it really isn't - the time simply zips by. Nearly all our clients cannot believe that we've been working that long when it's all over. The price is the same - we work until we get what we need and you are happy.

We have a mobile set-up so we are happy to come to you at your home or office (evenings and weekends are fine). 99% of our clients are happy to do this as they are comfortable in their own place and have access to their wardrobe. If you prefer a studio, we can do this no problem for a small extra fee.

Many (more than 70%) of those that come to see us are nervous about what to expect. This is absolutely fine and absolutely normal. It's our job to help you, coach you and generally look after you throughout our time together. Just read our reviews scattered across our website and know that you will leave our photo session happy having had a fun and informative time, and with some top quality photographs.

*Longer sessions are available for those with specific requirements. Please call for details.

Corporate Team Photo Shoots

At Skyhawk Pictures, we realise that time is money and that businesses who need headshots for their staff cannot afford to have those staff out of action for hours.

However, we are not "turnstyle" photographers. We prioritise quality over quantity and each member of staff is treated individually with the care and attention they would get had they approached us directly themselves.

For this reason we request that we have approx. 15-20 minutes with each person. It takes at least this long to put a potentially nervous person at their ease and explore the various facial angles and coach the person to get the best shots. But we will work with whatever time we have available with your staff.

We value all our clients greatly and go to great lengths to ensure they are 100% satisfied. That's why the booking process, contracts, proofing and delivery will all be plain sailing. We will appear at your premises on time and dressed smartly so that your own customers are not affected by our presence, and other than the work we have to do, we will keep out of your way.

Why You Should Choose Skyhawk Pictures for Your Headshots

No.1 for Customer SatisfactionAbove all else, great customer service and best-in-class image quality are the fundamentals that drive Skyhawk Pictures.
Return on InvestmentThe quality of a imagery on your website will contribute directly to your customer's experience, and that is what will drive your sales. Professional images will pay for themselves 10 time over.
Professional SkillTake a look at our work and you will be assured that you are getting a world-class images crafted with skill and care.
Flexibility & VersatilityWe are here to solve your problems and we will adapt to your business to ensure that the images you get are on brand and work for you.
Attention to DetailWe believe that it is attention to detail that turns the average into the good and the good into the great. Our attention to detail borders on the obsessive!
An awesome experience. Stephen was recommended to me by a friend and I now recommend him to you! He is very friendly, professional and helped me get some excellent shots. I'm so pleased.
Cleo L, Wirral on Google


A great headshot is an investment in your talents

One-to-One Sessions for Individuals

Our pricing puts you in control of your budget. The shoot fee is fixed and the number of images you take away is entirely up to you. Whether you want a session in the studio, again, up to you and your budget.

£220.00 photo session fee plus
£30.00 for each image you choose to take away

Corporate Team Shoots

We've tried to keep pricing simple so that you can budget accurately for your business case. It comprises a shoot fee and a per-head fee.

£350.00 photo session fee per day plus £35.00 per head
£30.00 for each additional image you choose to take away

These prices include: -

  • your five-star photo session with an award-winning headshot specialist at your own location with our mobile studio
  • shoot preparation advice beforehand giving advice on wardrobe, hair, make-up, etc.
  • one-to-one review of photos as we go and post-shoot advice on shot selection
  • your own online, mobile-friendly, private gallery to review and select your images that can be shared with others
  • all selected images are professionally and expertly retouched to take them to the next level, but all will look like the real you - you on your best day!
  • with each selected image, you receive a variety of crops and have the option to go black & white with each one
  • commercial licensing is included in the price!

A Word From Me

Hi, I'm Stephen, owner-operator of Skyhawk Pictures.

I am passionate about my photography and I don't believe you'll find a better headshot photographer in the market. I'm fully committed to ensuring you get the best, highest-quality headshot that will work hard for your in the way you need it to. A huge amount of my work is from referrals and repeat business and I want you to be satisfied so that you will tell your friends and colleagues about your experience and come back again.

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The shoot was easy and fun. Tips on how to hold one's head and posture led to surprisingly instant professional shots which we could review as we went along.
Rich A, Liverpool on Google

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