Why a 3D Model of Escudo Seacrest?


This is not a 100% complete model but immediately you have the possibility of creating images on the fly of your product range just like I've done here. Just one 3D model.... 3 different colours.

No more need to send watches out to your photographer. We can create images from every angle, composite them into other images for lifestyle shots, all with zero dust or scratches and without the worry of losing any valuable item in transit.

The What-If Scenario

Once you have your model, you can create images on the fly. But what about new models that have not been built yet? What about models that you're not sure whether you WANT to build them yet?

You have the capability to show your clients a brand new watch design, gauge reaction and make commercial decisions, all without having to spend a penny on prototyping.

How about this limited edition gold and platinum jubilee model? 😉


Interactive Artificial Reality Option

Note: This does require the 3D models shown above. This can be done with normal photography and normal video of the real, actual watches.

In this case, I have used the 3D model here, but as I say, we don't have to. What the 3D model gives us is the ability to stand the watch up on its own without strings or stands, so that's why this is useful here.

Feel free to click on the model and spin it around. This is actually a low resolution version due to time constraints, but the final version would be HD and you could zoom into it for close ups. Also remember, this is not a completed model, so some parts (e.g. the strap) will look a bit ropey.

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