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Commercial Product Photography
Liverpool, Merseyside and the North West


Commerical Product Photography
Liverpool, Merseyside and the North West

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Our COVID Policy at a Glance

For your safety we are operating a COVID policy as laid out below:-

Headshots and Personal Branding

  • We are currently operating as normal. Lateral flow testing is undertaken multiple times a week as standard and immediately before sessions.

Product Photography and CGI

  • Business as usual. Items can be sent to us or dropped off in the usual manner.
Last updated: January 2022

Awarded 2021's best
Product Photography Service

Getting Your Product Marketing Right

Are your product shots selling your products?

For many customers, the key deciding factor in choosing you or your products over competitors is the way you choose to present your brand. Every picture of you, your products or your services should say something to the viewer. The shots on your e-commerce site or online store should be sharp, clear, high quality product photos that are visually appealing and irresistible. Advertising shots of your products and services should engage, entice and make your customers want to know more.

At Skyhawk Pictures, we produce professional product photography for your business, including product photos, lifestyle shots, and food photography that will have a strong visual appearance. This aims to make your website and social media visitors sit up and take notice, increase desire and, ultimately, get you more sales.

The quality of your product images is a key factor for building trust and making sales. This is what great product shots will do for you:

  • Keep customers engaged and on your web site

  • Make you stand out from your competitors

  • Increase consumer desire

  • Quality images translate to a perception of quality in the product itself

  • Build trust in your business


Images Your Customers Can Explore and Interact With

Try it for yourself!

More and more people are turning to online sites for shopping rather than hitting the high-street. In a world where your competitor's products are of equal quality it will be customer service that will be the key differentiator for companies.

Customers are seeking to bridge the gap between the convenience of online shopping and the experience of physical, real-world shopping. Technology is helping to bridge that gap with more immersive experiences using 3D and artificial reality. Using these technologies can increase your web page visitors' dwell times by up to 50% which will, in turn, increase your conversions. These interactive images are also great for mimicking natural light and studio lighting without the inconvenience of setting up and moving locations to get high quality images.

At Skyhawk Pictures we specialise in producing these 3D interactive images. Try it for yourself. Take a look around this Bluetooth speaker! Just click on the 3D logo to start and the instructions will appear on the image.

But even if you want the more usual, static high quality product photography, we will of course provide you with stunning images that will boost customer trust and desire in your business. To learn more, contact us today!

We'll Work Together to Get You Hard-working Product Images

Previsualisation of your product image is important if you're looking to create a great image that makes the statement you want it to make.

If you're working with an advertising agency (or you are an advertising agency) then the agency will likely provide a mood-board. Simply put, a mood-board is drawing or other mock-up of how the product is to be portrayed showing positions of items and colours etc.

If you are working alone and you don't have creatives to do that work for you, don't worry, we can work together to come up with ideas on how we might best show off your product to its best effect in its target market.

It goes without saying that every image we produce for you will be strictly on-brand and the high standards of production and post production photo editing we uphold are designed to build your audience and increase your sales.

Looking for one of our other services? We also offer corporate and actor headshots! For more information, get in touch with us today! 

e-Commerce Store and Pack Shots Too

The shots of products for your e-commerce site should not be underestimated. Your discerning customers want to see what they're buying and be reassured that it is a quality item.

At Skyhawk Pictures you can expect high quality photos and high-resolution images that will allow your customers to zoom in to fine detail, and the use of modern compression technologies will mean the download size will be Kb's rather than Mb's.

We can do bulk shooting on web-store packshots. Just get in touch to see how we can help. To see more examples of our phenomenal product photography, make sure you check out our product shot gallery!


Some Reasons to Choose Skyhawk Pictures

No.1 for Customer SatisfactionAbove all else, great customer service and best-in-class image quality are the fundamentals that drive Skyhawk Pictures.
Return on InvestmentThe quality of a imagery on your website will contribute directly to your customer's experience, and that is what will drive your sales. Professional images will pay for themselves 10 time over.
Professional SkillTake a look at our work and you will be assured that you are getting a world-class images crafted with skill and care.
Flexibility & VersatilityWe are here to solve your problems and we will adapt to your business to ensure that the images you get are on brand and work for you.
Attention to DetailWe believe that it is attention to detail that turns the average into the good and the good into the great. Our attention to detail borders on the obsessive!


Invest in your products, they will pay you back 10 times over

We have a very simple pricing structure to allow you to keep control of your budget. You pay for time - that's it!

£460 per day
(or £270 per half day)
This includes: -
  • all preparation and lighting design (mood boards)
  • a variety of shooting angles to allow us to see what works best
  • bulk shots (if applicable)
  • compositing and retouching work
  • licensing

A Word From Me

Hi, I'm Stephen, owner-operator of Skyhawk Pictures.

I am passionate about my photography and I don't believe you'll find a photographer in the market that is more dedicated to helping you achieve your goals. I'm fully committed to ensuring you get the best, highest-quality images that will work hard for your in the way you need them to. A lot of my work is from referrals and repeat business and I want you to be satisfied so that you will tell your colleagues about your experience, and that you yourself will come back again and again.

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