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Getting it Right

Do you have mediocre product images?

Every picture of you, your products or your services should say something to the viewer. The pack shots on your e-commerce site should be clear, depict quality and be authentic - in other words, they should look like the items they represent. Advertising shots of your products and services should engage, entice and make your customers want to know more. If your existing shots don't do that, you have mediocre product shots.

The plain fact is, we live in an world of easily accessible images and it's now standard that customers and clients will want to see your products (and potentially, you) before they make a purchase. 

So you have an opportunity to say something to the viewer of your images. You can say "We're  trustworthy, we have quality items because we're a quality business, we know what we're doing and we want your custom....get in touch with us". At Skyhawk Pictures, we produce images that will work hard for you, putting you and your business on the map.


We'll work together to get you hard-working images

Previsualisation of your product image is important if you're looking to create a great image that makes the statement you want it to make.

If you're working with an advertising agency (or you are an advertising agency) then the agency will likely provide a mood-board. Simply put, a mood-board is drawing or other mock-up of how the product is to be portrayed showing positions of items and colours etc.

If you are working alone and you don't have creatives to do that work for you, don't worry, we can work together to come up with ideas on how we might best show off your product to its best effect. 

Pack Shots are Just as Important

The shots of product for your e-commerce site should not be underestimated. Your discerning customers want to see what they're buying and be reassured that it is a quality item.

At Skyhawk Pictures you can expect high quality, high-resolution images that will allow your customers to zoom in to fine detail, and the use of modern compression technologies will mean the download size will be Kb's rather than Mb's.



Invest in your products, they will pay you back 10 times over

We have a very simple pricing structure to allow you to keep control of your budget. You pay for time - that's it!

£460 per day
(or £270 per half day)
This includes: -
  • all preparation and lighting design (mood boards)
  • a variety of shooting angles to allow us to see what works best
  • bulk shots (if applicable)
  • compositing and retouching work
  • licensing

A Word From Me

I am passionate about my photography and I don't believe you'll find a photographer in the market that is more dedicated to helping you achieve your goals. I'm fully committed to ensuring you get the best, highest-quality images that will work hard for your in the way you need them to. A lot of my work is from referrals and repeat business and I want you to be satisfied so that you will tell your colleagues about your experience, and that you yourself will come back again and again.

Some of My Recent Work

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  • Product Photo Perfume

    Perfume Bottle

  • Product Photo Jewellery

    Amber Jewellery

  • Product Photo Jewellery

    Cut Amber Stone

  • Product Photo Pottery

    Textured Pottery

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